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Review Of Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Review Of Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Barbie is considered to be the world’s most popular fashion dolls since it’s remarkable debut in 1959. Barbie along with friends and family members like Ken, Francie, Skipper, Kelly have been highly popular among the children all over the globe. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas toy for your little fashionista woman, Barbie Fashionista Doll with Blue Hair could be the best choice for her.

With shinny outfit, blue hair and glittery lipstick, this Barbie doll will definitely win your little one’s heart.

Details About The Barbie Fashionista Doll:

Each one of the Barbie Fashionistas collection comes with a unique look and appearance. The fashion statement of the Fashionista Doll with Blue Hair is inspired by the latest trend. These fashionista doll line up come up with 5 body types, 10 skin tones, 8 eyes-shades and 19 hair shades. The dress of the Fashionista doll is really stylish and classy-a pink and black snake-skin printed dress with puffy sleeves that you can often get to see in the red-carpet parties. The white sneakers along with the blue cross-body bag complements the entire outfit of the barbie doll. The shinny blue hair is perfectly styled straight to carry the most new-aged hair-styling trend.

We all know that today’s kids see the world in a completely different way, and keeping that in mind, the manufacturer designed the Fashionista dolls in a way so that they can reflect the fashion world that kids see today. This particular line of Barbie dolls give kids infinite ways to playout stories and put their own style imagination.

Cloths: The clothing options of the Fashionista Barbie dolls cover almost all fashion types. Be it about exploring the trendsetting look or classic outfit, the range of cloths give your kids a huge array of choices. Your little one can get hands-full of clothing options to style the Fashionista barbie doll in her way.

Hairstyle: Hairstyles come with different colors, lengths, cuts and textures so that it can inspire story-telling and unique creation of character.

Accessories: Accessories add the finishing touches to the overall look and appearance of each doll. It makes the complete story and a detailed fashion statement. The best thing about the accessories is that they come with the most new-aged appearance that you are in the present trend.

Always remember one thing that kids can play out stories from merely ordinary to extra-ordinary. The reason is simple-when a girl plays with Barbie, her imagination never follows any boundary because she imagines everything she can become.

Final Words:

With the blue hair, she is awesome and can easily win anyone’s heart. Her look can be best defined as an ethically ambiguous. She can easily pull up the looks of black, Filipina, Native American, Peruvian. Another thing which has made this doll stand apart from others is the unique face-mold. The only cons that this Fashionista barbie doll is the nylon hair. This doll weighs only 5.6 ounces and comes with the dimension of 2 x 4 x 11.99 inches.

Review Of Barbie Fashionistas Doll
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Present Pets Review

Present Pets Review

Christmas is one of the most special and awaited days every year. Gift giving is an inevitable part of the Christmas festival and children of all ages eagerly wait for this joyous day to receive lovely gifts and, your little one is also not an exception to it. If you are looking for one of the most unique and special kinds of a toy, nothing could be a better gift idea than gifting a Present Pets.

Now, in this article we are going to tell you about the Present Pets in details:

Have you ever met Present Pets? Well, this gift is always special as this toy from SpinMaster unboxes itself. Yes, you’ve just heard it right-it unboxes itself. This is really cool and full of fun. Your kids will be extremely happy to have Present Pets as a Christmas Gift in this year.

Usually toys come in a box or outer packaging that you need to unbox so that your child can see the gift. With Present Pets gift, you just don’t know what toy you are going to unbox and that’s the reason it could be a perfect blind bag idea. It’s always exciting to open something that you have no clue about what you are going to find inside. There are four puppies to collect and two different styles.

You can find an envelop that poped-up inside the first layer. The gift comes with the instruction on how to unbox the gift but, the truth is that the gift itself is pretty explanatory. It’s still better to follow the instruction so that you can clearly know what do with the Present Pets box. There’s a cardboard zip style around the perforated section which can be lifted out in two halves. The process is very simple so that your child can do it without experiencing any sort of difficulties. Now, comes the most exciting part of the story- the toy unboxes itself. There is tag named “Pull.”

The Present Pets puppy starts to shake the box and pushes itself out of the perforated paw print holes to show your kid who might be inside. It’s awesome!

You will hear the barking of the puppy and it will create more holes in the box so that it can make the way into the world. The sides of the box starts to rip more as the puppy rocks more from side to side.

The box pops out the Present Pets princes which is really cute. Not only she does bark, she also moves her wee legs.

The other pup is called Kweenie. Each pup has expressive eyes and floppy ears. There is a rose-gold design on the paws, ears, bows and collar.

The Glitter pups are the ones that come with the purple bows and they come in a purple box. The Glitter puppies are Cacey and Cocoa.

All these puppies are very cute. Before you let your kids play with the puppies, make sure you remove all the plastic bits holding the pup paws.

Present Pets are the ideal gift for kid aged 5 and above. They are so much fun and there are lots of ways to play with them.

Present Pets Review

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Marvel Legends Series Ant-Man Premium Electronic Helmet Review

Marvel Legends Series Ant-Man Premium Electronic Helmet Review

Is your kid is a big superhero fan and always lost in the imaginative Marvel Universe? If yes then you should definitely gift something Marvel superhero related as a Christmas gift to your kid. Now you might be wondering to know how to find such a perfect gift? Isn’t it? Well, you are just at the right page as Marvel Legends Series Ant-Man Premium Electronic Helmet will surely win your little one’s heart instantly.

The smallest Avenger, the thief-tuned hero, the one to kill the super-villain like Thanos, Ant-Man has always been one of the most powerful characters in Avengers series.

Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, is best defined by his superhero ability to shrink and grow, as well as his excellent personality. All the credit goes to Paul Rudd, the actor behind the character of Ant-Man. Ant-Man looks really cool in a cool soot which goes really well with his demeanor. Ant-Man helmet is always special as it gives him the ability to shrink down to easily enter into any kind of tight space or grow to a giant man and go really difficult on his enemies.

The famous toy manufacturing company Hasbro has recently realized the very popular replica of Ant-Man’s Helmet. It looks stunning.

This is the same version that you an see in the Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers-End Game movie.

Straight from the Hasbro, this Helmet is ready to wear and play right out of the box so that your kid can immediately transform into the Ant-Man. All you need to do is attach the antennae on the sides of the Helmet and put the AAA batteries into the Helmet so that it can activate the lights and it’s ready for your kid.

The best part of this Helmet is that it is made with so much details. The manufacturer put serious efforts on the detailing of the Helmet. The overall appearance of the helmet is sleek and simple and you can see two red striped near the eyes-sockets and this particular design has made the helmet stand out. Just like movie, the eyes sockets of this helmet are tinted red.

The interior of this helmet is not shabby at all. There is a headband inside the helmet to provide comfort to your head. You can see an adjustable strap inside the helmet so that you can use it for tightening and loosening. The eyes sockets are properly padded so that can protect your kid’s face while wearing the helmet and playing.

Putting the helmet is very simple. All you need to do is just raise the flap at the back, loosen it, and your kid can wear it without experiencing any issues. The only downside of this helmet is that the interior part is not adjustable so it won’t fit properly on a large head.

The chin area of this helmet comes with the rubber padding which make the helmet really comfortable but this particular area might catch dust over time and that’s why you have to clean it time to time.

So, now you might have understood how much realistic the Marvel Legends Series Ant-Man Premium Electronic Helmet is. It’s time to gift your kid one on this Christmas 2020.

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Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control Review

Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control Review

We all wait for the most special time of the year-Christmas, but for kids, it’s more special. Christmas is the time that comes with school vacation, awesome foods, lights, decorations and, splendid opportunity to receive some excellent gifts that kids can play with. Choosing a perfect Christmas gift for your little one is not an easy job as there are thousands of gifts available in the market. You should always choose a Christmas gift which goes with the age of your kid so he can play with it all the time.

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your little one, gifting a Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control will be a really nice idea. WowWee, a very well known manufacturer of robotic toys, entertainment products and gift items has recently launched Pinkfong Baby Shark. This toy has become has become huge popular one from the line of children music and character property. The Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control sings the entire cute shark song while allowing your kid to change the speed by moving it’s slower and faster. The singing venture of the shark is fun for everyone. The best part of this toy is that it comes with the unique tempo control feature. It allows your kid to interact with the cute baby shark with the popular songs in a complete fun way.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control is available in 3 versions -baby shark, mommy shark and daddy shark. The box comes with the batteries.

WowWee’s baby shark toy arrived at the Canada and US retailers in August last year and it’s a licensed toy product. Another cool thing about the baby shark is that you can hear the splashing sound around the virtual sea by making the wave like motion. Keep your kid busy by moving the baby shark along with playing the viral song. Ir comes with very cute light up fin which moves with the sound. You can also let the baby shark kiss your kid by pressing the shark’s face to your kid’s cheek.

Each cute shark comes with the colour inspiration taken from the original Animated Shark video and, the embroidered facial feature and mouth structure have made the shark look super adorable.

Now, you might be wondering to know how fun this baby shark is. Right?

Everyone loves to hear the baby shark’s song. This toy is definitely more interactive than traditional signing toys available in the market, and that’s why it could be a perfect gift for your kid who can create his own story and show with the Baby shark. Baby shark’s super slow and super fast signing feature is always a fun activity for the kids.

Ideal age for the shark:

The baby shark song puppet is the ideal gift for the kids ages 2 and above. Although older kids will find it easier to control the shark’s mouth and movements.

If you want your kids to play with the baby shark without playing the song, you will need to just remove the batteries.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Puppet with Tempo Control Review

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Little Tikes Rocking Horse Review

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Review

No wonder Christmas is the perfect time for festivities, fun, love and affection. The custom of sending and receiving exciting gifts have always been the inevitable part of the Christmas activities. This is the time of the year when you want your kids to be very happy and cheerful. When it comes to making your kid feel overwhelmed with pure joy, nothing could be a better gift than a super cute Little Tikes Horse.

How Little Tikes Horse Works?

Little Tikes has taken the typical rocking horse concept and given it a smart twists and turns to make this toy completely unique in the market.

This playing rocking horse toy is created with blue hue and comes with no sharp edges and corners so that it can keep your kid always safe. One of the best thing about gifting this toy horse is that it will give your child an excellent opportunity to enhance crucial skills like balancing and coordination. Not only this toy will rock and sooth your child, but the overall construction of this toy has made it so durable that it will definitely last for a long time. Your child’s brain is full of imaginations. This toy will let your child’s imaginations run wild as he gallops all around the house on this rocking horse. Be it outdoor or indoor, this Little Tikes Horse rocks smooth. The compact size of this horse allows you to keep it in your kid’s rroom without occupying any major amount of space.

The Design:

The design is one of the best things about this horse. It comes with all the great features which ensure that your kid is completely safe on it. All the edges and corners of this rocking horse are properly rounded so that there are chances of getting hurt when your rocks on it. It comes with a low saddle with high resting back so that your kid can have the complete stability. The rocking horse comes with the easy to grip handles so that the little one can grip it comfortably without experiencing any troubles. The small and compact size has made this rocking horse ideal for both the indoor and outdoor use. It comes completely assembled so that you can simply unbox it and gift it to your child right away.

Age Group:

This classic rocking toy is ideally designed for the children aged between 1 year to 3 years.

Adult Supervision:

Children are always curious, adventurers and always love to try new things. These are the great qualities and, unfortunately these are the common reason why they misuse the toys, get hurt or fall down. As a careful parent, you don’t want to see your child hurt or upset. This is the exact reason, it is always best keep your child under supervision at the time of playing with this rock horse.


50 pounds is the maximum weight limit on this classic rocking horse. Many parents have claimed that this toy even allowed bigger children to gallop on this horse.

Now, you might have realized why this toy is one of the best Christmas gift choices for your kid, so waste no time and buy it.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Review
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Hasbro’s The Child “Baby Yoda” Animatronic Edition Review

Hasbro’s The Child “Baby Yoda” Animatronic Edition

There’s something always special about buying gifts for children. In a year like this when kids have spent all the times playing in home with their toy stuffs than ever before, you cannot think of something other than toys when it comes to buying Christmas gift. You can actually make your kid really surprised and happy by gifting the Hasbro’s The Child “Baby Yoda” Animatronic Edition.

All the Stars Wars fans are gearing up for the season 2 of The Mandalorian and your kid is also not an exception of it. This Baby Yoda has a major role to play in keeping your little one hooked. The super-cute Baby Yoda Animatronic Edition toy is all you can ask from an alien version of a baby alive.

The animatronic edition of the toy looks almost same like the Talking Plush. In terms of appearance, the toy has noticeable differences in eyes, ears and feet. The eyes of the baby toy are rounder and more childish than the talking plush. The eyes are not painted and they come with the open and close reaction.

The ears of the animatronic version is significantly softer than its counter part and made of fine quality of rubber. The ears also flop back and forth to express feelings like excitement and curiosity. All these characteristics come as big upgradation from the Plush version. The only negative side of the animatronic baby Yoda toy is that it’s body and legs are hard. The child-like feet is the platform of the toy and at the same, you can unscrew this part and put the batteries inside to make the toy work. This toy requires three AAA batteries to operate and the good thing is that this toy comes with the batteries so you won’t need to have batteries in hand till the batteries dies.

The animatronic version of the child Yoda comes with 25 different sound effects which include excited giggles, discomfort, cooing, snoring and different others. The cute thing about this toy is that when you lay baby Yoda down on his back, it makes the snoring sound. The baby Yoda makes sleepy noise, closes its eyes and, takes the nap in a childish manner. One of the excellent parts of this toy is that it can use the force.

The child Yoda can move its back and forth slightly, blink its eyes and at the same time, wiggle the ears. Just tap the toy three times on the head and baby Yoda will raise an arm and put the ears down in a way as if he’s exhausting and use the force. It’s highly adorable.

The only accessory which comes with the Hasbro’s The Child “Baby Yoda” Animatronic Edition is the necklace with a Mandalorian pendant on it. All you need to do is tie the necklace around the Baby Yoda’s neck. The necklace comes with the proper length so an adult can use it also.

No wonder this interactive and highly engaging baby Yoda will make the perfect gift choice for your cute little one on this Christmas.

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Crayola Lightboard An Honest Review

Crayola Lightboard: An Honest Review

Crayola Lightboard

Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift which can enhance your kid’s power of imagination and level of creativity? Well, you have just reached the right page where we are going to talk about Crayola Lightboard. Your kids will just beg and beg to play with it. This particular Crayola Lightboard is by far the biggest and comes with the best technology than other light boards.

Things That Comes in The Box:

You can find six mini gel fx markers and one light board. The light board requires 3 AAA batteries which are included in the package so you will have to purchase it separately.

How Does The Crayola Light Board Work?

The Crayola Ultimate Lightboard has internal lights which light up and glow beautifully in the dark. The board is specially designed to designed and engineered to work with the gel fx markers. The board has built-in LEDs. When you use the FX markers for the first time, they go on dark at first and then lighten up because of the technology. You can use the board as a tracing board by simply removing the panel on the front. All you need to do is make the board ready for your kids. The paper that you want to be traced should be placed on the back of the board so that it can be traced when the board is turned on. Another cool feature of this board is that it comes with a kickstand so that you can stand it up for your kid’s convenience. One thing you must note that the batteries should be removed before and after the use or else it will ruin it. You can have different lights effects by pressing the buttons on the front. You can have standard on light, blinking light about 1 second apart and, gradual lights. It al
ways advisable to use a wet-wash cloth to remove the markers from the board. If you want to make the board completely streak free, you should use a window cleaner.

What Your Kids Can Do with Crayola Lightboard?

Your kids can have a complete fun time by playing with the board for hours. The board can be used in both day and dark time. Kids usually love Crayola Board for doodling purpose. You can make the smart utilization of the board by teaching letters, numbers and many other things to your kids. You can use the board in the regular classroom setting where kids can practice letters and numbers, play doodle games and do other fun activities.

You can remove the black part of the board for tracing or to get a different visual effect.

The visual effect looks really cool when the board is used in the darkened room and this is what makes this board ideal for the slumber parties.

The Crayola Lightboard is perfect for the kids ages six and above.

Material: The board is made by using plastic material only.

Size: The exact size of the board is 11.5″ x 18″

Crayola Lightboard: An Honest Review


VTech KidiZoom Action Cam Review

VTech KidiZoom Action Cam: Reviews

Make this year’s Christmas a memorable one for your kids by gifting Vtech KidiZoom Studio. Let your kids become an adorable star of their own show with Vtech KidiZoom Studio.

The VTech KidiZoom Action camera is a photo and video camera which is ideally developed and designed for kids aged around 4 to 9 years. Give your little one this as a Christmas gift and it will prove to be a real success for you when it comes to winning their heart.

When it comes to purchasing a kid’s camera, you can find many other options in the market but what makes the Kidizoon Studio a perfect choice for kids is the vibrant color options like Red, Yellow, Black, Pink and Purple which make it an absolute kid-friendly cam.

Overview of VTech KidiZoom Action Cam:

It’s basically a sports camera for new-aged children who love taking photos and videos. This camera comes with the smart attachments so that kids can use it on a bike, skateboard or on helmet. Another cool feature of this camera kit is that it comes with a waterproof casing so your kids can use it while enjoying the swimming activities or play in a rainy day.

The camera also comes with a color screen so the kids can see their own photos and videos. To make things convenient for the kids, the camera comes with the colorful buttons with signs so that they can use it properly. The camera is so easy to operate that kids can use it without any additional guidance.

The VTech KidiZoom Action Camera offers some cool photo frame features along with some games that kids ca play on the screen itself.

It’s a rechargeable camera which comes with the USB cable for both the charging and data transferring purposes.

Be it taking regular photos, a chain of photos at regular intervals or taking videos with sound, the action camera is fully capable of handling these tasks. Your little one can use this camera for taking wildlife photos or taking the photos of favorite toys, arts, crats and many other things. Your kid can stick the camera to bike with the attachment and go for outdoor fun ride while keeping the camera’s video mode on and narrate the entire outdoor fun biking journey.

When it comes to taking selfie with this camera, all your kid needs to do is turn the camera round, point it to the face and press the button and selfie is clicked, it’s that easy!

You can also set timer on and take an action photo with the camera. The video and audio allows your kid to record his/her voice so that they can use it for various interactive session purposes.

Quality of the Photo:

As you know the fact that VTech KidiZoom Action Camera is not a camera for adults’ use, so obviously you cannot expect a high resolution photo quality from it. The photo quality is good enough for kid’s purposes.

Things You Get With The Package:
• A bike mount
• A sticky pad mount
• A wrist strap
• A waterproof case
• A clip on attachment with a camera tripod thread
• A USB cable


Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile-Review

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile-Review

No wonder kids love Batman so much and when it comes to gifting a very special Christmas gift to your little one, nothing can beat the charm of Batman toys. Your kid will play with the Batman toy for hours on end.

The best part of gifting Batman toy or superhero toy is that it will allow your child to go into the world of imagination where he can create all types of scenarios where Batman can save the world.

Batman or superhero toy will definitely enhance your child’s self-esteem and confidence. It will also improve the communication skills and story-telling ability in your child.

Now, you might be wondering what type of batman toys that you should buy when there are thousands of batman toys to choose from. Well, Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile is one of the most popular Batman car or Batmobiles available in Amazon.

As a ardent fan of Batman, your child will be very happy to receive a Christmas gift like Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile.

Things that have made this batman car really special:

The cockpit of this bat-mobile opens up so that Batman can sit inside.

The car comes with two wings that open up, so your kid can play with the car with wings opened or closed.

The car has pop up shield and a canon which rotates like real batman car.

The batman car comes with three projectiles (they can be fired), a Batman figure, a handheld bat-gun and three bat-missiles.

Your child will surely play with this bat-car for hours fighting the villains, chasing the bad guys and while ensuring complete safety and security for the Gotham city.

This toy is recommended for the child aged 3 and above.

The bat-car can be an excellent stand alone toy or a great addition to your child’s existing Batman collection.

Bat-car can be an excellent gift for any Batman lover and when it’s your kid, it will give him great escape to the world of imaginative adventure..

Reasons why Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile is recommended:

Kids always love batmobile toys, especially those with the cool accessories.

The openable cockpit is a fantastic feature that your toddler will really enjoy, especially when it comes to placing Batman figurine inside the car.

The quality of the toy material is really good and it is sturdy enough so that it can last for a long time.

This type of toys always gives a boost to the level of your child’s imagination power.

Kids always love batcar with foldable wings.

This batman-car actually shoot missiles like the real batmobile.

The box includes a Batman and an armored vest which kids really love.

It’s a perfect toy for pretend play.

This toy is perfectly sized so that your little one can easily handle it without experiencing any problems.

The car is very safe because it has no sharp edges which can hurt your child.

This Batman car comes with a reasonable price tag and parents found it well worth for the money.

CBD Dosage Guide CBD for Dogs

CBD Dosage Guide For Dogs

How much CBD to give your dogs and pets

Please Note these Dosages are where we suggest you start your pets on CBD and then go up from there and we have clients that us 20 times as much CBD with their pet buy we always suggest

Go Low and Take It Slow

Try a small dosage and first and wait and watch the results you will normall see the results within a hour and if you want to give a bit 1-5 mgs more after a hour you can if you are not getting the results you desire

Please Note the The Dosages in the table above are in mgs not ml and the concentration per ml changes massively depending on the size bottle and quantity of CBD per bottle

Beware do not to give your Pets CBD oils that contain High Amounts of THC

Buy CBD dog treats in Canada

See our Full Selection of CBD dog Treats –