Some Advantages of VOIP

Advantages of VOIP

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)actually means voice transmitted or communicated over a digital network. Basically, the thing is that you use your high speed internet connection for improved telephone services. The calls are routed or directed to your internet rather than the telephone lines.

There is no requirement of a computer but the network resources are needed. The protocols that are used for transferring the data over the internet are used here too for sending the voice transmissions. The sent over data is usually in web packets. These packets also include the sender’s and the receivers’ Media Access Control address (MAC) along with the voice signal.

Some Advantages of VOIP

Advantages of using VOIP rather than using traditional Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) are great in number. VOIP can also be used for free phone calls.

  1. With the usage of packets more information can be sent over the network in VOIP. Data can be compresses which uses less time and space which ultimately result in low transmission costs.
  2. The routing to other routs is more dynamic in case if the selected rout is unavailable.
  3. VOIP can work over all kinds of networks with IP enabled.
  4. VOIP is far faster.
  5. VOIP can also integrate all other forms of communications too, likeaudio streaming and videoconferencing.
  6. VOIP does not require additional lines it runs on computer lines.

It is not out of possibility to expect that VOIP will replace the traditions phone systems sooner. One of te easiest way of using it is by calling in your computer and that only requires a software, microphone, soundcard and speakers with your internet connection.

It also offers the user to check voice mail via attach messages or WEB to an e-email which is sent to handled device or to your computer.

Some disadvantages of using VOIP

The biggest disadvantage VOIP has is the reliability. It relies on electrical power for keeping the circuits running. It simply cannot work unless inclusion of battery operation is there such as a laptop. It can however be overcome easily by using VOIP in the mobile device.

When VOPI uses internet connection it may become prone to all the things normally relatedto home broadband services. These may include jitter, packet loss and other factors that can affect quality of the call.

VOIP does not only run on internet. VOIP; the term includes internet but what VOIP really uses is not only the internet but the protocol or the set of principles/rules for governing that how the transmissionsare being handled.

  1. POTS may be cheaper than VOIP.
  2. Doubtful quality
  3. Emergency calls like 911 may not work
  4. VOIP call can be interrupted.

Remember that VOIP service is offered by many providers and not all of them offer same quality and level of service. You need to find the best VOIP Service that would suit your situation for avoiding any kind of hurdles or issues.